‘I want to improve my photos. I’ve looked at one or two programs like Photoshop but all of them are just a confusing mass of buttons. Where do I even begin to understand what to do?’

If you’ve asked yourself anything like this question, then right here is where you start. This site is all about bringing you the kind of image editing tuition I wish I’d had when I started out as a designer all those years ago.

There’s plenty of tutorials already out there which tell you how to use a tool or about a particular technique. But they can leave you with holes in your knowledge, wondering what else you should know and where to start?

Knowing why and when to use a tool or technique only comes from experience. That’s where I come in. I offer a range of photo editing courses that draw on my experience as a designer and I can take you from complete beginner to competent in various different image editing packages. Check out my blog or click on one of the courses below, and get ready to make your photos shine!

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